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Paracord Handle Paracord Handle
Paracord Handle from $10.00
Strap a paracord handle to your bottle and be prepared for nearly everything — these handles allow you a comfortable loop to hold onto (and cut down on chances of you accidentally dropping your bottle) plus they unbuckle, letting you loop it around handles, branches, and loops on your favorite backpack.  The paracord itself can also be unraveled to be used in survival situations (though we hope it never comes to that, you'll be prepared).  Available in colors to match or mix with your favorite bottle color and design.   
Straw Lid Straw Lid
Straw Lid $9.00
Swap out the standard lid for one with a straw and take a sip of your Helping Hydro without unscrewing and tipping back your bottle.  Our Straw Lids are a perfect fit for our 32 oz wide-mouth stainless steel bottles and are  BPA free Durable Smooth and easy to use