Meet Sid & Austin

Helping Hydros has been in the works for a few years, rooted in a friendship between Sid and Austin, who understood how art can spark impactful conversations.

We see a world full of things we love that also need help. Our designed bottles not only reduce the need for plastic bottles (hopefully forever), they also serve another purpose — raising awareness that can impact the world for the better.

Each design carefully articulates some of the planet’s deepest needs: endangered animals, national parks, and causes sourced by our community who want to visually support the causes they care the most about. Our artwork combined with vibrant colors create a bottle that's not only a useful part of your life, but something you can bring with you everywhere as a way to invite conversations about what you support. 

We’re focused on not only eliminating plastic and spreading awareness, but also directly helping the causes we’re supporting: 

  • 20% of every bottle purchase is directed donated to the charity or non-profit related to that unique bottle’s design. 
  • We purchase carbon offsets to counteract the impacts of shipping and handling. 

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