What does your water bottle do?

If you’ve snagged a Helping Hydro, you know you’re doing your part. With every design supporting a unique charity, nonprofit, or cause, you’re spreading the word about how the world is changing for the better.

You’re also giving back, with 20% of every purchase donated directly to the organization represented by each bottle design. And, of course, your Helping Hydro reduces waste, as a sustainable bottle that’s ready to go anywhere you are.

Each design artfully displays some of the planet’s biggest celebrations and successes, as well as its deepest needs. There are also designs dedicated to realizing the struggles of others and how they’re being helped in a rainbow of ways.

We hope you can find a design that speaks to you and helps you support the causes you care the most about (or introduces another organization to love).

Helping Hydros is partnering with charities, nonprofits, and organizations making a difference — come help yourself (and our world) #BeWell.