Autism Spectrum Bottle - Support the Autism Research Institute

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Autism Spectrum Bottle - Support the Autism Research Institute

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 20% of every purchase of this bottle is donated directly to the Autism Research Institute which helps to understand and better the lives for those on the Autism spectrum and their loved ones.


$40.00 $48.00 -17% OFF
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Advocate and advance

Each Helping Hydro design represents a cause we care about, but this particular design means a lot to our team who have close family members and friends who are a part of the Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) community.

The puzzles and symbols on the bottle were inspired by David, who finds connection best through music and patterns.

20% of the revenue ($10) from this bottle is donated to the Autism Research Institute whose focus is understanding ASD through education, research, and support.

More on the Autism Research Institute

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is an advocate of people with ASD and their surrounding community of family, friends, researchers, clinicians, parents, and caretakers. This organization was first established in 1967 and has always maintained that ‘Autism Is Treatable’.

To this day, ARI strives to be a leader in the world of outreach and cooperative efforts to other worldwide organizations who strive to challenge traditional views of autism as an untreatable disease.

Learn more about the Autism Research Institute.

Bottle specs — Get to know your new best friend

  • Drink Up — Capacity: 32 oz | 0.95 L 
  • Know The Details — Dimensions: 9.25 x 3.5 x 3.5” | 23.6 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm 
  • What We’re Made Of — 18/8 Stainless Steel 
  • Keep It Cold (Or Hot) — Double Vacuum Sealed for 18-24 hours of guaranteed temperature regulation
  • What’s Your Color? — Powder Coated for good grip and durability
  • None Of That Icky Stuff — BPA free lids, non-toxic materials
  • A Few More Perks — Easy to clean and carry
  • SGS, FDA, CE, and LFGB approved

20% Donated

20% ($10) of your bottle purchase is donated directly to the International Dark Skies Association (IDA)

Sustainable Stainless Steel Bottle

Helping Hydros help significantly reduce waste from single-use plastic, and other cheaply made water bottles.

Spark Conversations

This bottle enables you to spread the word and share your passion for the dark skies cause!

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